Property Management Services



1. Maintaining Association files
2. Preparing a monthly management report
3. Preparing an annual management plan for Board
4. Maintaining an up-to-date members list and resident information forms
5. Assisting with rules enforcement
6. Preparing correspondence as needed
7. Processing resale documents
8. Assisting unit owners with Association business
9. Attending annual unit owner meetings
10. Meeting with the Board on a monthly basis
11. Managing employees and contractors
12. Providing guidance and advice to the board on policy issues


1. Collecting monthly fees
2. Applying late fees
3. Maintaining a separate checking account
4. Sending dunning statements
5. Preparation of collection letters
6. Processing delinquency accounts and follow-up
7. Paying approved bills
8. Reconciling bank accounts monthly
9. Arranging for tax return preparation and audits
10. Providing monthly financial statements to the board members
11. Preparing the annual budget
12. Giving guidance on capital reserves / long range planning
13. Process state registration paperwork


1. Providing 24 hour answering/emergency telephone service 365 day a year
2. Preparing contract and bid specifications
3. Initiating and processing work orders
4. Conducting regular on-site inspections
5. Arranging for, and monitoring, all emergency repairs
6. Providing optional 24 hour maintenance service


1. Preparing periodic newsletters
2. Supervision of insurance claims
3. Dealing with prospective buyers
4. Assisting with dispute resolution/rules enforcement

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